Belongs to Vizag, his family roots are in vizag and he is settled in vizag.

Dear Family,

Now that elections are at hand, we are all trying to analyse and vote for the best representation for us.

In lieu of that, allow me to give you substantial
reasons why we should support BHARATH, Candidate for Vizag LS constituency.

First and foremost - He is our own!
Belongs to Vizag, his family roots are in vizag and he is settled in vizag.

'What good is a leader who cannot lead from the front!'

So, who better can understand the issues, sentiments, pride or requirements better than a localite!

Bharat is well educated, which means he is better equipped to analyze and address challenging situations - He studied Industrial Engineering and did his MBA from Stanford University.

A visionary like his grandfather Late Sri. MVVS Murthy, he too is a successful young entrepreneur, aspiring for the LS in his prime age.

After returning to India from Stanford in 2016 he established a 3.5MW solar power plant and led the company’s foray into Solar Power generation. He is also diversifying into Hydro energy and Chemical Waste treatment. He is deeply passionate about utilizing his knowledge and skills to develop renewable energy, sustainable growth and waste management solutions; which we all are well aware are the need of the hour; not just for Visakhapatnam alone, but for the state as a whole.

His past experiences include commissioning of a 460MW Gas based power plant, quality control and operations in Lia Sophia Inc. Chicago, Investment banking at KARVY Financial services, Hyderabad, Telangana.

His most recent stints during his MBA were in the Innovation Delivery team of the Atlanta Mayor’s office, USA and a marketing immersion in Sheraton Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Bharath currently serves as chairman for GITAM university which is an educational hotspot in India, producing brilliance and talent.

While we have contestants who come to Vizag claiming in their pompous campaigns to 'redeem' us of our problems; these are also the people whom we can never find in our time of need in or around Visakhapatnam soon after elections.

I must acknowledge that there is one candidate who is an intellectual and genuine and is contesting from a newly born party. Unfortunately the party he chose will not come to power.

Also we are well aware that this person holds no attachment neither has he made any contribution towards our Vizag (or any other city/town) in the past.

I dare say it may just be a second career opportunity for him.

However, BHARATH on the other hand belongs to vizag; which means he will be available here.

Vizag being his hometown, his heart belongs here, unlike other candidates who come to Vizag only for the sake of election campaigns.

It is common knowledge now, that except for Congress,TDP and Jana Sena no other candidates/parties will be in secular alliance at center.

So let's choose our candidate wisely. Who will serve Vizag better and more importantly be in a Secular Alliance at center, which is crucial to save the democracy in this country.

For the given reasons, I strongly suggest BHARATH, candidate for Vizag LS constituency, TDP, to be our choice who gets the vote!

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